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the Chaser

The Chaser's Australia (CQ4)

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The Chaser’s Australia is a comprehensive guide to the culture, history, politics, religion, fashion, media and the few remaining footy heroes not currently facing criminal charges, that have made Australia one of the top 196 countries in the world today.

Featuring fewer facts than an Andrew Bolt column, and more offensive claims than a George Pell’s testimony, this definitive volume is the perfect companion volume to a proper book about Australia.

This edition includes:

  • A comprehensive list of Australia's most treasured Big Things, from the Big Banana to the Giant Budget Deficit
  • Profiles on Australia's most successful citizens including Russell Crowe, Sam Neill, Keith Urban and Prime Minister Helen Clarke
  • A touching and poetic profile of Clive James written by Barry Humphries under the guise of his popular fictional character Germain Greer
  • A history of the Labor party penned by Julia Gillard with a forward and afterward by Kevin Rudd
  • A three sentence summary of the first forty-thousand years of Australian history, including that part where Captain Cook showed up.

"If you only read one book about Australia this year, you should probably expand your reading habits."