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the Chaser

The Chaser Quarterly (Issue 1): Summer Guide to Tax Havens

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The first and probably last edition of The Chaser Quarterly, featuring Malcolm Turnbull's handy guide to tax minimisation and three kinds of paper.

"Hilarious from start to finish. A must read for every Australian" - Charles Firth, The Chaser

In this inaugural issue of The Chaser Quarterly, we spend our entire crowd-funding income on flights to Panama to investigate how to set up a tax haven for our predicted millions of dollars of e-book sales.

Plus we feature travel guide of Qatar for readers who are fans of soccer and human rights violations, a look back at the first sporting match between white settlers and the Australian Aboriginals for fans of soccer and human rights violations, and some pretty darn good kerning for those typography enthusiasts out there who may or may not enjoy violating human rights.

Also in this issue:

  • Twelve pages of apologies and corrections
  • Karl Stefanovic opens up about what it's like to by Australia's Tony Jones for dummies
  • A specialty scratch and sniff feature that perfectly captures the aroma of paper
  • A critique of Waleed Aly's hot-topic thinkpieces, penned by Waleed Aly
  • Twelve hilarious gifs which don't really translate well to print
  • Parenting expert Mia Freedman's top 10 tips for bullying obese children
  • Three pages of size twenty typeface as we begin to run out of content

The Chaser Quarterly: Ideal for any fan of the Chaser who is also able to read.