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the Chaser

The Official* 2019 Election Guide

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Move aside Antony Green. Get stuffed Chris Uhlmann. Think you know politics, Leigh Sales? With a Federal election due by May 2019, The Chaser’s Charles Firth has combined forces with The Shovel’s James Schloeffel to provide a must-read guide to Australian politics, and how it works.

  • The Top 5 Prime Ministers of the Past 3 years
  • How It All Falls Apart: Labor’s plan for the first 100 days
  • A Complete Guide to the Sex Lives of National Party MPs
  • Liberal Party Application Form for “Females”

Plus in-depth features:

  • Know your electorate. All the other guides will tell you the swings and demographics of the seats. Only The Official* 2019 Election Guide tells you which electorate have the most tax evaders, white collar fraudsters and insider traders (no surprises, it’s Wentworth).
  • Electorate profiles you can actually use: The Poo Jogger’s Guide to Brisbane. All the best places to defecate in all your favourite Brisbane hotspots.
  • Quiz: Are You A One Nation MP? With all the comings and goings in One Nation, it’s hard to keep track of whether you’re a One Nation MP or not. Take our special quiz, and find out!


  • 297mm x 210
  • 100 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • Free shipping!