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The Chaser

The Chaser Christmas Card 2023

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This year, The Chaser is releasing just one Christmas card, and it has been specially designed to encapsulate the mood of joy and merriment in the closing months of 2023.

Because, aside from the rapid acceleration of climate change, the renewed conflict in the Middle East, the intractable famine in the Sahel, the continued existence of organised human trafficking and slavery, the global mass extinction of flora and fauna, our shocking mistreatment of Indigenous Australians, the increasing rates of domestic violence against women and children, the rising intergenerational gaps in wealth, the housing crisis, the triumph of the politics of division, the rise in the use of misinformation as a political tool and the slow and seemingly inexorable de-democratisation of governance around the world, there is so much to celebrate this year.

Available for individual sale, or in packs of four. Includes envelope.


* A6 size - 105mm x 148mm
* Includes envelope
* Full colour front and back, black and white inside
* 300 gsm card stock with matt laminate on the outside
* Printed in Australia