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the Chaser

The Chaser Annual 2022 (CQ22)

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It was the year crypto crashed harder than Tim Smith on a bender, a year where the Queen tragically died while Rupert Murdoch even more tragically survived, and a year where Scott Morrison singlehandedly kept unemployment at all time lows by taking all the jobs himself, and now you can relive it all, thanks to The Chaser Annual 2022 - the perfect Christmas gift for that loved one you know absolutely nothing about.

Featuring over 300 satirical headlines, 20 pages of bonus content, and over 500 typos, The Chaser annual is being described by critic David Stratton as "AUTOREPLY - OUT OF OFFICE RE: Do you accept bribes for five star book reviews?"

As always the back half will include an extra 60 pages of gags and headlines from rival satire outlet The Shovel, which you should avoid turning to at all costs.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Crown