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Radio Chaser: The Non-Essential Collection (2 x CDs) - signed

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A collection of the best sketches from Radio Chaser show, personally signed by Charles Firth, Andrew Hansen and Dom Knight.

With the entire nation in lockdown, forget watching Netflix, or Stan, or Disney+ or Apple+ or reading a book or listening to some nice music, or making conversation. The obvious thing to do is to put on a CD of radio comedy sketches.

Now you can own a collection of the highlights of a ground-breaking show that changed Australian radio forever. But if you can't track down a copy of Martin Molloy's "The Brown Album", consider buying this one instead.


Everyone's been talking about all the essential nurses, doctors, teachers and shop workers that have got us through this difficult period. But nobody has paid tribute to the non-essential workers, who've been sitting at home, not playing a vital role in sustaining us through this historic period. This is a tribute to them.


From 2017 to 2019, Radio Chaser broadcast on the Triple M network. In that time, the team produced over 600 sketches, including the ACRA Award Winning Sketch - "Back to School Specials".

The double CD album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music and dozens of other platforms you've never heard of. But if you still use CDs, you can buy a signed, limited edition copy of the album, available only from Chaser Shop.

Proceeds of the album go to Tipping Point - Australia's leading climate change movement that's behind things like the student strikers.


We'll be taking pre-orders from 22nd May, signing them with our filthy unwashed hands, coughing on them, and then delivering them to you by mid-June.

Sample sketch from the album: