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The Chaser

Chaser Newspaper 100th Issue

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It's the product that nobody has been asking for! 

23 years after it all began, The Chaser newspaper is back for one issue only.

Why? Who knows! The National Art School has commissioned the project, presumably because they consider The Chaser newspaper high art. That's why, in this issue, you'll find no criticisms whatsoever of self-indulgent arts grants. None!

About The Chaser Newspaper

In May 1999, a bunch of rag-tag, down-on-their-luck Law School graduates and privileged middle-class shits set up The Chaser newspaper. Then about 15 years ago, they realised that setting up a paper was a terrible idea and they shut it down. But then they got an Arts grant, and rebooted it for one, last, final, 100th edition.

(Photo credit: Steven Siewert / SMH)

The newspaper has the same format and style as the newspaper that you can hardly remember, including:

  • A witty news satire section of stories from about a week ago, written by Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Chas Licciardello, Charles Firth, Dom Knight, Cam Smith, John Delmenico and many more!

  • Fresh new columns from all your favourite columnists, including Julian Morrow, Andrew Hansen, Sholto Macpherson and Gregor Stronach

  • Original cartoons and illustrations our stable of (now) award-winning artists, including Fiona Katauskas, Andrew Weldon, Oliver Watts and Matt Taylor.

Plus tons of filler content written by our overworked underpaid staff writers.


  • 24 pages

  • Full colour throughout

  • Tabloid Newspaper (289mm x 405mm)