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The Chaser

Master of Wankernomics Certificate

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At last a qualification you can be proud of!

The Masters of Wankernomics gives you all the confidence you need to tell other people what to do, despite knowing less than them!

This is a fully-certified MBA (Masters of Business Administration), and can be used to join the senior management ranks of many of Australia's most-respected companies, as well as Qantas, Optus, Medibank Private and Adani.

Add it to your LinkedIn profile, and just watch those job offers roll in!

Printed on high-quality 170 GSM parchment paper, holders of this certificate are fully qualified to touch base, circle back, deep dive and think outside the box. It truly is a win-win.

Buy it before COB today, and you'll be holding an all-hands, blue-sky, ideationing session in no time!

Note: This product is only available to people who have completed the full 60-minute live show course. Tickets and more information is available at