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Chaser Birthday Card

Chaser Birthday Card

Chaser Birthday Card


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Is it someone's birthday?

You bet it is. 

To get along in the new world order, a Green Card is not enough. They're gonna need a Birthday Card. The best Birthday Card. A Chaser Birthday Card.

We've got the best birthday cards. They're the best. You're gonna love them.
People love our birthday cards. We're gonna send a tremendous card.* Believe me.

Order cards for your friends and loved ones and we'll send them straight there**. Send us their name and a message and we'll transpose it real good on the card. It'll be tremendous. Believe me.

How much would expect to pay for such an hilarious card? $3.95? $4.95? Ours is just $8.95. What a bargain.

* Doesn't ship to Nauru, Manus Island or Mexico

**Or close. Really close. Tremendously close.