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$29 gift pack - The Chaser Annual 2017 + Christmas Card

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$29 gift pack - The Chaser Annual 2017 + Christmas Card

$29 gift pack - The Chaser Annual 2017 + Christmas Card

$29.00 $29.95 saving $0.95

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Nothing says "yep, I remembered to get you something" like the gift of The Chaser Annual 2017 with an exclusive Chaser™ Christmas Card.

Packed with the best of the year's satire, this is the perfect gift for anyone who has recently gotten out of a year-long induced coma and wants to be updated on what's been happening in 2017.

About The Book

The Chaser Annual 2017 features a full wrap of all the news, sport, entertainment and depressing actions of Donald Trump from a year that will forever be remembered as “Oh my God, remember 2017?”

From the people who brought you The Chaser Annual 2017 comes The Chaser Annual 2017.

The Chaser Annual 2017 features original writing by some of Australia's top comedy writers, with overviews of the year ahead for the Chaser Corporation. The Chaser Annual 2017 also includes The Shovel Annual 2017, which is a satirical wrap from a completely different perspective.

Features an expanded voluntary postal survey that allows you to pass judgement on all the major minorities (including women!)

The Chaser Annual 2017 is a perfect gift for fans of slightly out-of-date topical comedy.

- Handy One-Nation candidate application and resignation form (with almost all the speling correct) 
- Guest column from Lyle Shelton on why it's ok to be a homophobe 
- Tax-minimisation guide (sponsored by Chevron) 
- FREE Peter Dutton / Potato costume 
- ISIS summer fashion special 
- The Malcolm Turnbull board game - like snakes and ladders but without the ladders 
- Top tips for saving for a deposit on your first smashed avocado 
- The very best articles (and some of the shit ones) from The Shovel and The Chaser in 2017

About The Card

It's a Christmas card, celebrating the most important aspect of Christmas: the shopping. Perfect for fans of unsustainable consumerism!

Gift wrapping

For five bucks extra, we'll even gift wrap it for you.

We'll even write whatever personalised message you want on the card and mail it direct to them. All you have to is click the "Add a note to the order" in the shopping cart section as you're buying. It's hidden on the bottom left hand side of the page.

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