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the Chaser

The Chaser's Toilet Paper

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"Perfect for hoarding"

If 2020 is about anything, it's about unnecessary purchases of toilet paper.

Which is why we've introduce a line of toilet paper that you simply don't need, but we're hoping you'll buy anyone, because, hey, it's 2020.

The toilet paper comes in a four pack, and has four designs, perfect for doing what you do with toilet paper:

  1. Scott Morrison's face
  2. Rupert Murdoch's face
  3. Peter Dutton's face
  4. Chaser Headlines (all the best Chaser headlines from the year, to keep you amused while you're sitting on the toilet)

The 2020 Toilet Paper is the most 2020 gift ever: completely horrible, and yet somehow quite compelling.

Scroll through the images of the elegant product mockups, and you'll see the actual photo of the product in the end.


    • Printed in China on low quality toilet paper
    • Printed in black and white
    • Wrapped in 100% unrecyclable plastic