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The Chaser

The Chaser Showbag

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Want to grab an absolute bargain on stuff you don't really need? 

The Chaser Showbag is a collection of all the failed products we've released over the past few years plus one really good one (the Qantarse backpack), bundled together to make you feel like you're getting great value, while we get to get rid of excess stock.

The Chaser Showbag includes:

1 x Chaser Tote bag ($10 value)

1 x Qantarse Quality Backpack ($25 value)

1 x Copy of American Hoax by Charles Firth ($10 value)

1 x Avocado Pool Toy ($39 value)

1 x Greetings from Bondi Beach Towel ($15.96 value)

If you bought them alone, you'd pay $99.96! Instead, The Chaser Showbag Value Bundle costs just $39! That's less than half price!