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One Year Subscription to The Chaser Quarterly (4 issues)

$65.00 $84.80 saving $19.80
One Year Subscription to The Chaser Quarterly (4 issues)

One Year Subscription to The Chaser Quarterly (4 issues)

$65.00 $84.80 saving $19.80

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"Australia's Fake News Journal of Record"


Each year, we publish four issues of The Chaser Quarterly, including The Chaser Annual, which is part of your subscription. The issues are perfect bound books that tend to be 132 pages long, perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet. Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got something to read.

Current issue: The Chaser: 20 Years of Mediocrity

In bookstores: October 2019.

Featuring new interviews with Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Dominic Knight, Julian Morrow, Charles Firth and Craig Reucassel about the TRUE story behind The Chaser.

It’s been 20 Years since the Chaser began in the spare bedroom of a student house in Glebe. Now, for the first time, the history of The Chaser, as told by the original founders, complete with needlessly sordid details, and old photos that make them look much younger than they are.

From the original newspaper, to their first show on Triple M, to the television years, the famous APEC stunt and through to middle-aged obscurity and bitterness.

Includes in one place for the first time, all the best headlines, front covers and articles from the past 20 years.


  • Chaser Quarterly Issue 17 (CQ17)
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • 132 pages, full colour throughout
  • ISBN: 9781760641467
  • Perfect bound


1. What if I just want to buy this issue and not subscribe?

Easy. Simply follow this link.

2. If I subscribe, will I receive the current issue? 

You choose. When you click the 'add to cart' button, you can select whether to receive the current issue or next issue (perfect if you want to renew).

3. Will I receive the next four issues?

Yes. That's what this is all about.

4. Is this a perfect gift?


5. How much do I save?

30% - The normal issues cost $19.95 - $24.95 at the bookstore, and the Chaser Annual costs $24.95, so if you bought each one individually, you would pay $89.75. By subscribing, you save an astounding $24.75.

6. It's amazing value!

That wasn't even a question. Go away.

Note: this is a non-recurring annual subscription (4 issues). Perfect if you're wanting to give a Chaser subscription as a gift.