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Chaser Christmas Cards

Chaser Christmas Cards

Chaser Christmas Cards


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This Christmas, The Chaser is releasing not one, but four Christmas cards.

It's not something we wanted to do. It's actually deeply inconvenient from our end. Logistically, it's a nightmare. But this year there is a massive glut in the supply of public figures to mock, so we just had to bite the bullet and make four.

In no particular order of moral turpitude we have:

  • George Pell - A Merry Traditional Christmas from Everyone at the Catholic Church
  • Scott Morrison - "Wishing you a stocking full of coal"
  • Peter Dutton - "From Peter and the whole family"
  • Pauline Hanson - "Wishing you a white Christmas"

The cards are relatively small (105mm x 148mm), which means you don't have to think of too much to say if you decide to write something personal inside them.

You can choose to buy them individually for $5.95 each, or you can buy a four pack at the bargain price of $14.95. The cards come with matching envelopes.