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The Chaser

Avocado Pool Toy

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Are you a young person having trouble with the housing market?
Are you struggling to stay afloat in this economy?
Have you given up and want to just walk into a large body of water to end the pain?

This is the product for you!

You may not be able to afford an overpriced house, but you can afford this overpriced novelty Avocado Pool Toy!

That’s why an Avocado Floating Pool Toy makes the perfect gift for hapless young people who keep complaining they can’t afford a home!


As avocados become cheaper than ever, houses are still impossible for most people to own. But that doesn’t mean they don’t aspire to living a better life. Sure, they’d probably prefer a house, but since they can’t have that, an Avocado Pool Toy is pretty much the next best thing!

With a separate blow up ball for a seed, users can alter the avocado seat just like they’d be able to alter their own home if they weren’t renting them!

So buy an Avocado Pool Toy today! It’s the pool toy that non-home-owners have always realistically dreamed of!


Much like the housing market, the Avocado Pool Toy is heavily inflated. You can even fill it with sighs of resignation that you make while scrolling through property listings!

Instead of going underwater on the house you just bought, you can go stay afloat by sitting on the Avocado Pool Toy! 

Plus, the seed can be used as a beach ball, so you can have fun with your friends who also can't afford a house!


The Avocado Pool Toy is incredibly large.

Size: 156cm x 122cm x 44 cm
Weight: Approx 1.3kg