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American Hoax by Charles Firth

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At last, you can buy Charles Firth's 2007 classic (and highly topical) best-selling book, direct from The Chaser Shop!

As recently discussed on The Chaser Report podcast, this book is priced at a bargain discount price, because it was published 16 years ago.

  • Catch up with all the latest insights into President George W. Bush's disastrous invasion of Iraq.
  • Read a book that examines the fraudulent nature of American political discourse about a decade before it became a trendy topic of conversation

From the publisher:

In 2005, Charles Firth travelled to the US and over a period of six months invented five fictional American characters, each of whom represent a different point of view in American politics, and sent them out into the real world to see how successful they would be.

Charles hypothesis was simple: whichever character got the furthest in America's fiercely competitive marketplace of ideas would be the victor. Would it be the conservative economist, the national security consultant, the left-liberal advertising executive, the working class white trash or the Muslim poet?

The result is a compelling tale of an Australian "outsider" (and his dubious acting skills) coming to grips with America, Americans and the American dream, by confronting real Americans with their own rhetoric. Along the way, you'll share in each character's hilarious triumphs and tragic setbacks and you'll share Charles frustration as he meets more and more real Americans who seem even more fictional than the people he has invented.

If you've ever wondered how far a conservative economist can go in the land of opportunity using Google, a fake email account and a really bad American accent, then you're a strange person - but this is the book for you.

  • ISBN: 9781742625362
  • Format: Trade paperback
  • Pub Date: 10/11/2007
  • Category: Lifestyle, sport & leisure / Humour
    Lifestyle, sport & leisure / Travel writing
  • Imprint: Picador Australia
  • Price: $12.99