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The Chaser Quarterly is Australia's Satirical Journal of Record.

Each year, we publish four issues of The Chaser Quarterly, including The Chaser Annual, which is part of your subscription.

The normal issues are perfect bound books usually 132 pages long, perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet. Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got fake news to read.

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Charles Firth's Fractured Fairy Tales

Once upon a time fairy tales were violent, terrifying stories designed to teach children valuable lessons about things like not accepting gifts from strangers and why it is okay to blind your step-mother as revenge for her not letting you go to a fancy dress party.

Now with sea levels rising, the world’s governments in chaos, and housing costing almost as much as an Apple monitor stand, Charles Firth has decided it’s time for a new set of equally terrifying fairy tales.

Charles Firth's Fractured Fairy Tales is a collection of five brand new fairy tales, that better reflect the moral and ethical compromises that are required to live in the world in 2019.

Each tale investigates a current topic that you can read to your kids to teach them about how morality actually works nowadays. Including:

  • The Man Who Wanted A Friend - A tale of a little boy who just wanted a friend, and so he built a computer program that would let him be friends with everyone in the world.
  • The Bear Family - The story of a baby bear who learns why Mummy Bear still does all the house work, even though its 2019.
  • The One Bad Prince - A story of why you still probably shouldn’t tell anyone about a horrible, creepy prince if he’s more powerful and well connected than you

Fully illustrated by some of the world's top children's book illustrators, this is a timeless classic that will introduce your children to the concept of life under a Morrison Coalition Government.


Title: Charles Firth’s Fractured Fairy Tales
Publisher: Chaser Quarterly
Edition: CQ16
Author: Charles Firth
Size: 148mm x 176mm (portrait)
Pages: 132, full colour throughout
Binding: Perfect bound
Price: $19.95 (inc GST)
ISBN: 9781760641450





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