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Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)


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The Chaser Quarterly* is "Australia's Fake News Journal of Record".

Each year, we publish three normal issues, and one bumper Chaser Annual, which is included as part of your subscription.

The normal issues are full colour and usually 64 pages long. The Chaser Quarterly is perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet. Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got fake news to read.

Latest issue
CQ11 - Travel Issue: The Chaser Guide to Earth (Autumn 2018)

  • A4, 64pp
  • Full colour
  • ISBN: 9781760640620

Want to know how to get the best angle on a selfie while you desecrate a sacred monument in a distant foreign land? Wondering how to drive a hard bargain with street vendors to stop yourself being ripped off in the poorest regions on the planet? Need to work out which natural wonders to visit first, before they're destroyed by humankind's follies?


    1. Will I receive the current issue?

    You choose. When you click the 'add to cart' button, you can select whether to receive the current issue (Issue 11 - the current issue "The Chaser Guide to Earth"), or start with the next issue. 

    2. Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

    3. Really? Anytime?


    4. That's amazing value!

    That wasn't even a question. Go away.