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Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)


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The Chaser Quarterly is Australia's satirical journal of record. Published six times a year, it contains 64 full-colour pages of new writing and illustrations by Australia's foremost unemployed satirists. Recent contributors include Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Charles Firth, Craig Reucassel, Pinky Beecroft, Dominic Knight, Johanna Featherstone, Zoe Norton-Lodge, Ben Jenkins, James Schloeffel, Mark Humphries, Evan Williams, Bettina Tan, Jesse Campbell-Brown, Kristian Barron, Nik Barron and David Hunt.

The current issue is The Chaser’s America: Your guide to the final days of the United States. It's here to help you laugh while you cry.

Jam-packed with alternative facts, hard truths and travel tips, The Chaser’s America, unlike Trump’s, has something for everyone. You don't have to be a citizen to gain access to it.

From culture to history, attractions and cuisine. If you follow any of the advice in The Chaser's America, you'll be a diabetic in no time!

Featuring new writing from Chaser stalwarts Chris Taylor, Charles Firth, Mark Humphries and Evan Williams, as well as contributions from new talents such as James Colley, Alice Fraser, Jenna Owens, Victoria Zerbst and many many more, including:

This full-colour 64 page A4 issue includes: 

  • The Chaser's Guide to Democracy
  • How to Mock The Disabled
  • Dating in Trump’s America
  • Eight ways to get ahead during the coming collapse

... and so much more

Plus a special piece by President Donald Trump himself about how to craft the perfect tweet. Charles Firth’s eye opening interview with Jared Kushner is fake journalism as its best. Plus we list The Chaser Top 30 Americans of 2017 (We tried to find 100 but we couldn’t).

Written with style and wit, The Chaser Quarterly* is the must have guide to the United States.

The Chaser's America hits bookstores 27th February. Pre-order your copy now and we'll rush you a copy 

*(The Chaser Quarterly not actually quarterly. It now comes out six times per year.)



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