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Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

$19.00 $24.95 saving $5.95
Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

$19.00 $24.95 saving $5.95

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Subscribe to Australia's Satirical Journal of Record

Each year, we publish three normal issues of The Chaser Quarterly, and one bumper Chaser Annual, which is included as part of your subscription. The normal issues are perfect bound books that tend to be 132 pages long, perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet. Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got fake news to read.

Note: This is a recurring subscription. You will be charged $19 per quarter, and receive four issues over the course of the year. You can cancel at any time. If you wish to take out a non-recurring subscription, click here.

(See below for FAQs).


The Official* 2019 Election Guide

Move aside Antony Green. Get stuffed Chris Uhlmann. Think you know politics, Leigh Sales? With a Federal election due by May 2019, The Chaser’s Charles Firth has combined forces with The Shovel’s James Schloeffel to provide a must-read guide to Australian politics, and how it works.

  • The Top 5 Prime Ministers of the Past 3 years
  • How It All Falls Apart: Labor’s plan for the first 100 days
  • A Complete Guide to the Sex Lives of National Party MPs
  • Liberal Party Application Form for “Females”

Plus in-depth features:

  • Know your electorate. All the other guides will tell you the swings and demographics of the seats. Only The Official* 2019 Election Guide tells you which electorate have the most tax evaders, white collar fraudsters and insider traders (no surprises, it’s Wentworth).
  • Electorate profiles you can actually use: The Poo Jogger’s Guide to Brisbane. All the best places to defecate in all your favourite Brisbane hotspots.
  • Quiz: Are You A One Nation MP? With all the comings and goings in One Nation, it’s hard to keep track of whether you’re a One Nation MP or not. Take our special quiz, and find out!


  • 297mm x 210
  • 100 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • On sale in bookstores: 1st April 2019


The Chaser Annual / Shovel Annual 2018

It was the year that our Deputy Prime Minister confessed he’d been drunk for the past three years, our biggest bank admitted it was collecting fees from dead people, and a jogging businessman did an actual poo on a Brisbane suburban street. Thirty times.

A year this momentous needs careful, thoughtful analysis. The Chaser and The Shovel Annual ‘two-in-one’ Annual is the definitive guide to understanding what the hell happened in 2018.

Bringing together writers from Australia’s two leading political satire outfits, the 2018 Annual includes 132 pages of articles, analysis and leadership updates. 



The 2018 Annual celebrates 19 glorious years of Chaser Annuals, and four shorter but equally glorious years of The Shovel Annual.

The double-sided spectacular features a free tear-out Barnaby Joyce R-rated Children's book, tips on avoiding all those invisible African gangs in Melbourne, and is suspiciously lacking in satire about any months after September.

Described by critics as "the best Chaser Annual of 2018 so far" - it's the perfect gift for anyone in your life that you know absolutely nothing about.


  • The illustrated children’s story ‘Barnaby Joyce and The Big Mean Media Monster’
  • “How I got my teeth whitened just like the caveman” – Pete Evans’ back-to-basic tips
  • An analysis of the day that vacuous, self-obsessed reality TV star met with Kim Kardashian in the White House
  • A clarification about The Shovel’s $444 million government grant
  • Tips for coping with the single-use shopping bag ban and other life-changing crises
  • Our urgent humanitarian appeal to help French au pairs in need
  • A handy front-cover image to remind you who our current leader is


  • Chaser Quarterly 14
  • 132 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • 297x210mm
  • 371 grams
  • ISBN: 9781760640811
  • Free shipping
  • $24.95
  • 27 typos

 --> Trigger warning: contains descriptions of Barnaby Joyce’s sex life.


1. What if I just want to buy this issue and not subscribe?

Easy. Simply follow this link.

2. I already have a subscription and want to renew. Can I do it here?

Yes. If your non-recurring subscription is about to lapse, and want to move to a recurring subscription, sign up here. We will match your existing details and make sure you get the right number of issues you paid for. Just make sure you select which issue you want to start at (eg this issue or next issue).

2. If I subscribe, will I receive the current issue? 

You choose. Select which issue you wish to start at using the drop down menu above the 'add to cart' button, you can select whether to receive the current issue or next issue (perfect if you want to renew).

3. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

4. Really? Anytime?


5. Is this a perfect gift?

Not really, unless you want to keep paying every three months for someone else to receive The Chaser Quarterly. If you want to give a gift, we suggest you take out a non-recurring subscription (available here).

5. How much do I save?

The cover price of each issue is $19.95 - $24.95 depending on the production costs of the issue. You only pay $19 regardless of the cover price. And yes, The Chaser Annual as part of this subscription, which is normally $24.95 (and next year will be $29.95!). Lock in this price now!

6. It's amazing value!

Yes. It is. It is amazing value, and it's also cancellable at any time.