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The Official Guide to Bad Parenting (CQ7)

The Official Guide to Bad Parenting (CQ7)

The Official Guide to Bad Parenting (CQ7)


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 About The Official Guide to Bad Parenting

Forget Baby Love. Say no to Mamamia. Don't worry about Googling your parenting problems anymore. The Chaser Quarterly has created the definitive guide to parenting in the modern age. Jam packed with 64 pages of spurious information and fake ads. Including:
- Pia Freedman on Why You Shouldn't Become a Parent in the First Place
- Jazz Twemlow's Sexy Sex Guide on How to Get Pregnant: turning sex into something dull and lifeless
- "Dr Carl's" Uninformed Guide to Childbirth (written by Craig Reucassel)
- Chris Taylor's Toddler-Years Wine Matching Guide
- Andrew Hansen's Who needs sleep: The first three months
Rhys Muldoon on how to outsource all your parenting using Uber apps
- 6-18 months: Dave Pieper's guide to making your partner do most of the work
- High School Years: Use the freedom to have an affair
- The Empty Nesting Years: Why everything wrong with their lives is your fault
- A special guide for dads about how to avoid looking like a paedophile when you're with your kids at the playground

... and much, much more. 

Here is a special 12-page sampler:

*(The Chaser Quarterly not actually quarterly. It now comes out six times per year.)