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Scott Morrison Beach Towel

Scott Morrison Beach Towel

Scott Morrison Beach Towel


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It's coming up to bushfire season again, which means it's almost time for Scott Morrison to book a flight to Hawaii and get the hell out of here.

The Scott Morrison Beach Towel is a lasting reminder of exactly where the leader of our country went when we needed him most.

Take it with you next time you go for a cruise on the Ruby Princess, drape yourself in it the next time you get happy-clappy at a Hillsong do. Or take it to the next Shark's home game and get pissed and eat meat-pies while one-third of the country remains under lockdown.

Made with high quality cotton loop, it's perfect for wrapping around your pants to hide brown stains while you visit Engadine Maccas. But most of all, it's the ultimate gift for anyone who enjoys lying on the beach in a distant country while Australia burns.


  • Limited edition
  • Free shipping inside Australia
  • 76cm x 152cm
  • High quality cotton loop beach towel
  • 66% polyester, 34% cotton
  • 410 grams
  • Usually dispatched within 2-3 business days