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Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

$19.00 $24.95 saving $5.95
Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

Subscription to the Chaser Quarterly (recurring)

$19.00 $24.95 saving $5.95

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Subscribe to Australia's Satirical Journal of Record

Each year, we publish three normal issues of The Chaser Quarterly, and one bumper Chaser Annual, which is included as part of your subscription. The normal issues are perfect bound books that tend to be 132 pages long, perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet. Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got fake news to read.

Note: This is a recurring subscription. You will be charged $19 per quarter, and receive four issues over the course of the year. You can cancel at any time. If you wish to take out a non-recurring subscription, click here.

(See below for FAQs).


The Chaser: 20 Years of Mediocrity

In bookstores: October 2019.

Featuring new interviews with Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Dominic Knight, Julian Morrow, Charles Firth and Craig Reucassel about the TRUE story behind The Chaser.

It’s been 20 Years since the Chaser began in the spare bedroom of a student house in Glebe. Now, for the first time, the history of The Chaser, as told by the original founders, complete with needlessly sordid details, and old photos that make them look much younger than they are.

From the original newspaper, to their first show on Triple M, to the television years, the famous APEC stunt and through to middle-aged obscurity and bitterness.

Includes in one place for the first time, all the best headlines, front covers and articles from the past 20 years.


  • Chaser Quarterly Issue 17 (CQ17)
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • 132 pages, full colour throughout
  • ISBN: 9781760641467
  • Perfect bound 


The Chaser and The Shovel – two of Australia’s satirical powerhouses – have once again combined forces to bring you all of the funniest headlines from 2019 in one convenient volume.    

Across the globe, 2019 was a year of great upheaval. Except in Australia.

While Hong Kong burned, the French rioted and the rest of the planet started waking up to climate change as an existential threat, the Australian government’s major policy initiative was to make sure hospitality workers got paid less on Sundays.

The Chaser and The Shovel Annual 2019 re-lives Australian political mediocrity in all its glory with such classic headlines as:

  • New MasterChef Challenge Gives Contestants 60 Minutes To Prepare Beautifully-Constructed Illegal Wage Payment Scheme
  • NASA Commits To Fake A Man On Mars By 2030
  • Only 80% Of Australians Are Wellness Bloggers, Alarming New Jobs Figures Show
  • Strike Kids Should Be In School Learning How To Count Coal Lobby Donations, Says PM

Plus plenty of extra new content that may need to be pulled before it goes to the printers for legal reasons, including:

  • “I Only Give Character References To Respectable Paedophiles” John Howard Says 
  • “Labor’s Guide To F*cking Up An Election” 
  • “The Tony Abbott (Prime Minister 2012-1955) Commemorative Pull-Out”  

“This book is the perfect stocking filler for anyone who wants to re-live 2019 in all of its horrifying detail,” said editor Charles Firth.


  • Chaser Quarterly No. 18
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • 132 pages, full colour throughout
  • Perfect bound
  • ISBN: 9781760641474


The Anti Expert's Guide to Everything - Second Edition
The world is in turmoil and the facts are to blame. The Chaser far-rights the wrongs made by showing how so-called theories such as evolution, climate-change, vaccination, nutrition and human biology have been too dominated by "experts" who "know stuff" for too long.

The Anti-Expert's Guide to Everything is about taking back control for the everyman. Whether it's Medicine, Biology, Astrophysics, Climate Science or Nutrition, the Chaser looks at what the anti-experts say, and gives them a platform that until now has been dominated by "so-called academics" with their "degrees". Includes a bonus reinterpretation of politics, law and history based on gut instinct rather than knowledge, The Anti-Expert's Guide to Everything is the perfect antidote to evidence-based decision making. Includes a bonus tear-out Doctorate of Science testamur from the Chaser Academy for you to fill in and hang on your wall!
  • 132pp
  • 210 x 297 - full colour throughout
  • Perfect bound
  • $24.95
  • Release date: 1st March 2020



1. What if I just want to buy this issue and not subscribe?

Easy. Simply follow this link.

2. I already have a subscription and want to renew. Can I do it here?

Yes. If your non-recurring subscription is about to lapse, and want to move to a recurring subscription, sign up here. We will match your existing details and make sure you get the right number of issues you paid for. Just make sure you select which issue you want to start at (eg this issue or next issue).

2. If I subscribe, will I receive the current issue? 

You choose. Select which issue you wish to start at using the drop down menu above the 'add to cart' button, you can select whether to receive the current issue or next issue (perfect if you want to renew).

3. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

4. Really? Anytime?


5. Is this a perfect gift?

Not really, unless you want to keep paying every three months for someone else to receive The Chaser Quarterly. If you want to give a gift, we suggest you take out a non-recurring subscription (available here).

5. How much do I save?

The cover price of each issue is $19.95 - $24.95 depending on the production costs of the issue. You only pay $19 regardless of the cover price. And yes, The Chaser Annual as part of this subscription, which is normally $29.95 (and next year will be $29.95!). Lock in this price now!

6. It's amazing value!

Yes. It is. It is amazing value, and it's also cancellable at any time.